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Distinguished Guests Ladies and gentlemen,
It is my privilege to announce that Indian cotton conference 2014 (ICC 2014) will be held on 15th November 2014 at The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon, India.

This year ICC2014 is being hosted by The Northern India Cotton Association Limited (NICAL) and co hosted by Northern India Textile Mill Association (NITMA)

As you would be aware, ICC2013 was successfully organized last year at the same venue. Despite its first year, ICC2013 received overwhelming response from entire cotton fraternity. The event was attended by more than 800 national and international delegates, representing more than 7 countries, beside many exhibitors and media personnel...
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ICC 2014


The global cotton industry is going through uncertain times with unpredictable and huge swings in prices, changing supply-demand scenario, coming technological breakthroughs, government policy shocks and trade directives. Relationship dynamics between each section of our cotton-textile value chain are now more critical than ever before. As stated in our theme, "Adapt, Change and Innovate", time is apt for our industry to thoroughly deliberate and figure out how these relationships will evolve so that we are well prepared and skilled enough to embrace coming future challenges. Indian Cotton Conference 2014 is a major step in the right direction towards building strategic roadmap and nurture partnerships on a global level...

Special Focus:

Supply demand scenario- yield quandary
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